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8-weeks to boost your CONFIDENCE

Are there any areas in your life where you feel a bit self-conscious? Like, speaking up in a meeting at your new job, setting better boundaries with your "intruding" neighbour, boosting your belief in yourself with the business you run? We all have that constant need to develop more confidence, specifically in new circumstances or the ones where we feel stuck. And confidence is a learned skill, so you CAN DO IT! :)

With me as your coach in this program you will become more self-aware, will understand what forces drive you and which ones are blocking you, and most importantly - how to operate them! We will work on your emotions, thoughts, beliefs, needs and values. This program includes 8 weekly 60min private 1-on-1 online coaching sessions with me, as well as workbooks to apply the gained insights in your life.

Are you ready to invest in yourself to be able to create a better life for yourself, and ultimately impacting also the people around you?

There are 2 options to work with me - in a private 1:1 setting or in a group

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