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How a small decision can turn your life around

Have you ever analyzed when and how you have taken the decisions that have shaped your life?

Could you recreate those moments and make new conscious decisions that would transform your current life towards what you want? Do you know WHAT you want? Do you know WHY you want what you want? Ok, ok, it's a lot of digging, I know... But still?

When people say "that was the biggest decision of my life" do they really mean the decision was big or that making the decision was a big step for them or that the changes brought by that decision were big? Did they knew it while making the decision or only afterwards when looking back? How do you measure how big the decision is, or how fast it happens? What actually is included in the process of deciding? What's before it and what's after it?

Why some people can decide to quit smoking or start running or whatever and commit to their decision, but some people cannot? Neither decide, nor commit? Or decide, but not commit? What has been your experience with those kind of decisions? Could you have decided differently?

When was the last time you made a big decision? Or a medium one? Or - how many times a day do you make small decisions? Plus the more interesting question - How can you learn to make better decisions? Can you "delete" or "edit" the decisions you have made? Who is influencing you to make your decisions and who is affected by the decisions you make? How do you feel about your decisions? Do you do head or heart or gut decisions? Why?

Well, this is a little bit of what coaching looks like - you get to look at something from different angles and explore whats authentic to you and what works best for you and how you can "do you" in the most unique way. Because YOU do have all the answers inside you. You have all your potential inside you. You can choose what you want to think, to believe, to feel, to do, to be.

And you can get there all by yourself, of course! Or you can decide to work with a coach and get there faster and easier. I know - tacky, right?! But it is just another small decision that can turn your life around ;)

p.s. Besides, the free introduction call costs you the total of 30min of your time. Ready, set, go?

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